long life bulB LIGHTS

Stainless steel / acrylic / LED strip / expired incandescent light bulbs / custom electronics

PENDANTS 200-400mm ; CHANDELIER 600mm Ø

By extending the life of a ubiquitous yet now redundant icon through the transmissive light of LEDs, the LONG LIFE BULB LIGHTS offer a sustainable way to give new life to expired light bulbs. The luminar used here exploits surface-mount LED technology requiring low voltage DC power.

At its maximum brightness the LONG LIFE CHANDELIER consumes a maximum of 24 Watts with an output of 1500 lumens – about equivalent to a 100W incandescent bulb, yet 4 times more energy efficient. Coupled with the significantly increased life span of the LEDs (up to 50,000 hours) this lamp offers a way of retaining the charm of an old technology, while giving it new life through the LED’s ability to produce a range of warm and cool colour temperatures (3000-7000k). This is controlled by a proximity sensor situated in the centre of the underside of the lamp that responds to the presence of a moving object, such as the hand as it is placed beneath. A steady wave of the hand switches the lamp on and off and slowly moving the hand either closer or further away from the sensor changes color temperature and brightness.