chameleon lamps

Stainless steel / printed ABS plastic / multi-chip LEDs / custom electronics / 5VDC

Height 220mm each

The CHAMELEON series is a range of interactive pendant lamps with the unique ability to change colour. Custom built solid-state electronics and multi-chip LEDs in these lamps enables their wire contours to double as the light ‘switch’, allowing for touch-less control of the lamp’s hue. The entire frame behaves much like an antenna, creating a fully integrated proximity sensor and the ability to operate the light with the wave of a hand. Hovering a hand anywhere within a 50mm range of the lamp will change the colour of the light.

Traditional lampshade forms have been intentionally adopted as the starting point for the CHAMELEON series, however their profiles have been dissected and repeated rotationally in order to produce deconstructed double-skinned versions. The shade therefore doesn’t perform it’s conventional duty of directing glare, but instead is designed to reflect the coloured light, Thus focusing attention on the wire detail within the lampshade, instead of averting it.

The ‘Chameleon’ lamps were originally designed and made for the exhibition 'Stories in Form' curated by Jacqueline Power for Object Gallery in 2012.