amazonia ring

Custom commission | Sydney |2016

The AMAZONIA ring was commissioned by a photo-journalist/songwriter/conservationist who has devoted much of her time to documenting some of the wildest, most beautiful and remote places in Australia and also spends 6 months of the year in Peru protecting the Amazon. This ring was a replacement for an engagement ring that had been stolen. The only stipulation in terms of the design brief was that the ring be made from titanium and withstand everyday wear. After a lengthy consultation process, the ring that resulted is a unique confluence of ideas. It needed not only to capture the raw beauty of the pearl, but also reflect its owner. Based loosely on the geometric order often found in nature, the AMAZONIA ring is a marriage of organism and structure - a celebration of nature and machine. It is as industrial as it is organic, and true to my style it appears to splice romance with engineering. It is a perfect match with its owner. The ring expresses at once my client’s deep connection to the ocean here in Australia, her complex relationship with the Amazon jungle and her enduring partnership with her husband.