Stainless steel / aluminium / multi-chip LEDs / custom electronics / 5VDC

200 x 150 x 150mm each

BLOOM is a custom-made lighting fixture comprising a series of individually crafted wire ‘bulbs’, suspended to form a contemporary chandelier. Constructed from laser-cut stainless steel, the delicate looking lamps incorporate multi-chip LEDs and custom-built electronics to control the behaviour of the light. Each ‘bulb’ features an individual abstract plant-like form, which serve as reflectors to catch light, creating a curious hanging-garden, which “blooms” with changing colour.

The BLOOM chandelier can also perform as an interactive installation, where the light emitted can been pre-programmed to change and respond according to user interaction via a proximity sensor, so that triggering the sensor sends a wave of coloured light to the other bulbs, creating a subtle yet vibrant effect. By using energy efficient solid-state lighting technology in conjunction with fine metalwork, the BLOOM chandelier delivers an illuminated sculpture espousing both longevity and preciousness.

The ‘Bloom’ chandelier was commissioned by Courtesy of the Artist for their jewellery store in The Strand Arcade in April 2011.